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NYC Window Display

Concept mockup
Actual work


Create excitement and a show-stopping brand awareness window display to not only welcome the public into the pop-up shops, but bring the look and feel of the holiday campaign to the event as well.

About the Project

Kohl's PR and Social hosted the Kohl’s ‘New Gifts At Every Turn’ through a one-time, never-been-done before, immersive New York City event for consumers to shop, create content, engage with Kohl's and be inspired with all our new offerings for the holiday shopping season. Within the pop-up, consumers will have the chance to explore all the new brands and best gifts at Kohl's and purchase gifts.

My Role in the job

I created the initial Concept Design and turned over the approved mockup to an agency who brought it to life.

© 2021 by Kelly Haga. 

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