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Store Backwall Proposal

© 2021 by Kelly Haga. 


Establish Kohl's voice in-store–Branded House vs. House of Brands. Elevate the store experience through consistency across the store and departments. Show a difference in Tiers of brands and how we can support partnerships.

My Role in the job

I worked to create the visual renders along with mocking up possible new fixtures and material solutions for our backwall presence. I put together all the visuals you see above in Photoshop as measurements were vague and this was for concept purposes only. I worked to unify our large brands in the same layout but have a different feel via photography. Categories in the store have a smaller footprint but still feels like it's part of the same system. I feel this point of view makes the store feel more like a branded house vs. a house of brands. Project did not move forward due to budget.


Creative Director - Mike Rice

Art Director - Kelly Haga

Project Coordinator - Leanne Schulze

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