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Women's History Month 2021


Make an overarching creative approach to celebrating Women’s History Month through the Kohl’s voice. It should be celebratory versus statement-making, and rooted in equality for women.

About the Project

Kohl’s is committed to inspiring and empowering all families to live fulfilled lives. Kohl's Diversity & Inclusion Strategy includes celebrating our differences and helping more customers see themselves reflected in our brands. We’re working to offer culturally relevant products, designs and storytelling that is meaningful to diverse customers. 

My Role in the job

I worked to create a toolkit and style guide that will represent the overall look and feel for Women's History Month for Kohl's. I was given an illustrated pattern from the Product Development team & Kohl's Diversity & Inclusion committee that I used to bring the marketing to life. I worked out the Photo plan and overall layout design of the Homepage, Social and digital layouts. I created some posters that which featured some famous quotes from women (not used in roll-out for legal reasons) and also created some additional social stickers that people could use while sharing some IG stories along with showing how some product could work if we extended the creative to some merchandise.


Creative Director - Mike Rice

Copywriter - Deb O'Donnell

Art Director - Kelly Haga

Project Coordinator - Leanne Schulze

© 2021 by Kelly Haga. 
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