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Amazon Returns 


To capitalize on Amazon Returns store traffic to convert new customers, drive coupon redemption and boost impulse purchases.

About the Project

Kohl's Stores started accepting Amazon returns within our stores and it was increasing foot traffic. Because so many non-Kohl's shoppers are now making their way into the physical store with Amazon returns, we want to educate these potential new customers on all the great brands, products and offers that Kohl's has. When people bring their Amazon returns to Kohl's, they receive a coupon to use in store. With these great, relevant products and brands surrounding the space, the hope is they see what Kohl's has to offer and become Kohl's brand lovers and/or make an impulse purchase with their new, time-sensitive coupon. This job was truly a cross-functional working team to test and make the space come to life. It is currently being tested in 50 stores. 

My Role in the job

After team brainstorming, I worked up the initial concepts in Photoshop with how the overall space would function, all the graphic placements/proposals and addition of TV in the space to display current YouTube videos on the Kohl's Channel or social IG TV.


Art Director - Kelly Haga

Copywriter - Pam Curtis

Fixture Designer - Tim Jurasewicz

Merchandise Visual Presentation Planner - Darren Lussow

© 2021 by Kelly Haga. 

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