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Kohl's Seasonal Branding

© 2021 by Kelly Haga. 


Create a comprehensive toolkit and style guide for seasons. The Concepting phase is from start to almost finish. We prove out all deliverables; In-Store Marketing, Social, Digital & print. We then turn over to the Content & Photo team and then Production for execution. As the Art Director over certain seasons, it is my responsibility to ensure all requested deliverables are met and exceeded where possible, that there is consistency throughout all channels and I present all the proposed creative on behalf of the team to Executive leadership. 


A lot of awesome people I get to work with to make these happen:

Stephanie Litsheim, Amber Gani, Gerry Buczak, Pam Curtis, Jena Brunelli, Nathan Pence, Mike Rice, Leanne Schulze, Kaylee Vance, Alicia Keys and many more!

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