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Kohl's Beauty Expo


Create a branded space and environment for the 2017 Kohl's Beauty Expo in Dallas, Texas for Kohl's Beauty Advisors.

About the Project

A large Expo event was held by Kohl's for the Kohl's Beauty Advisors where they come and learn the newest tips and tricks from Kohl's Beauty Vendors. The event is a few days long and was held in Dallas, Texas.

My Role in the job

Create the initial Concept Design for the expo along with Designer Stephanie Litsheim. We branded the event, created the flow of space and added many other elements to help guide advisors during the event to get from placed to place. 


Creative Manager - Krista Chapman

Copywriter - Pam Curtis

Art Director - Kelly Haga

Designer - Stephanie Litsheim

Project Manager - Leanne Schulze

Print Solutions Coordinator - Candice Altenburg

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